process safety award

Mark Hewitson, Quality Manager at National Grid Capital Delivery presents the award to Andy Smith of Technica.

Technica are delighted to receive a process safety award from National Grid.

The award measures Technica’s overall process safety performance for the second quarter of 2018 against the largest contractors working in support of National Grid Capital Delivery.  Technica is currently supporting National Grid Capital Delivery at Peterborough Compressor Station for the upgrade of the fire and gas detection system as well as at Huntingdon Compressor Station for the upgrade of the Unit C control system.  The award is recognition of our performance at the Peterborough site.

Managing Director of Technica, John Davison stated “We have worked hard as a business to raise our overall approach to process safety and I am very pleased that our performance for National Grid Capital Delivery has been recognised”.

Technica represents the ‘tier 2 specialist sub-contractors’ amongst the largest tier 1 contractors at the National Grid Capital Delivery Executive SHES forum.  We are also active members of several sub-groups including process safety, people and plant and sub-contractor management.

Over the past several years, Technica has demonstrated an ability to safely deliver complex EC&I and mechanical design, build and installation projects on behalf of the largest gas infrastructure companies in the UK.

Our areas of expertise include fiscal and non-fiscal metering, compressor control, Fire & Gas and RTU as well as being able to undertake a range of activities including EPC, EPCM, FEED, Design, Build, Installation and Commissioning.  For further details, please see our website